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ORO Avispas against wasps and flying insects

ORO Avispas is a highly effective product meant for the destruction of wasps, flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects indoors, as well as on porches, balconies and elsewhere.

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Active substances: d-tetramethrine 3.3 g / kg (0.33%), 1R-transfenotrine 1.3 g / kg (0.13%)


Application: Stand in the middle of the room and spray towards the location where the ceiling meets the wall, creating a circle around the room. In a medium sized room 2-3 seconds is enough. Against wasps – spray directly on the insects. Short and discontinuous spray proves to be the most effective. Leave the room closed for 15 minutes. Prior to entering the treated room or place, properly air the premises.

Volume: 400 ml

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