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Products and region of operation

AES imports insecticides, rodenticides and plant-protection products produced in the USA, Germany, Sweden, Czechia, Hungary, Italy, Estonia, Spain, Poland, Austria and other countries and organizes distribution in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. AES has stable, long-term partnerships with over 20 international manufacturers. 


AES was established on the 13th of May, 1994 as a family company and can be proud of more than 27 years of experience in the business. Our team of 9 employees (excluding outsourcing – warehouse, delivery etc.) currently successfully serves more than 675 wholesale and retail companies.


AES offers only thoroughly-tested highest quality products and provides valuable consultations to Clients about the sale and correct usage of products. AES Clients value our easy cooperation and recommend the company, as well as the products to other customers, that way attracting new Clients via good feedback. 

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