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Biostop fruit fly monitoring trap

For monitoring of fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) to be used near fruits, food, beverage, in restaurant, kitchen, winery, cellars, storages and on the market. The liquid bait effectively lures the flies into the sticky trap for 3-5 weeks. To achieve better efficacy, it is recommended to remove decaying fruits near and around the trap. The fruit fly trap is suitable to detect the presence of fruit flies. In case of high infestation consult with a pest control operator


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Does not contain any insecticide, nontoxic to the environment. Contains natural, food grade materials.


Directions for use:

Fold out the sticky pad containing the protective foil. Picture 1.
Screw off the protective cap of the bottle.
Remove, peel off the protective foil from the adhesive surface with a quick movement. Picture 2.
Fold back the sticky paper into its original position. Picture 3.
Place the trap in a quiet, draught free place close to the fruits and food, frequently visited by the fruit flies.
Once the sticky trap is full of fruit flies or the liquid has evaporated discharge it into the garbage.

Biostop fruit fly monitoring trap shelf-life is two years in closed original packaging in a dry and cool place. Protect from sunlight. The product should be applied according to the directions for use and also by keeping the general safety regulations pertaining to such products. Store away from children, pets, food and feed. Do not touch the sticky surface by hand! Wash hands after use.

Contains: 1 trap set – 1 sticky trap and 30 ml liquid

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