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WŐBRA repellent

Repellent for the prophylactic treatment of conifers, deciduous trees, fruit trees and ornamental trees and shrubs to prevent damage caused by animals biting or tearing the bark.


Active agent: Silicium dioxide

General: WÖBRA® is a product used to stop bark damage to coniferous, deciduous and fruit trees as well as ornamentals caused by the animals listed below gnawing and stripping bark. The product is supplied as a paste and is applied undiluted. WÖBRA® is fixed to the tree after around 3 hours and is transparent after around 6 hours. The tree’s natural appearance remains unaffected. The micro-cracks that appear while the product is drying ensure that the tree can breathe actively.  The flow of sap and the tree’s growth are not affected.  WÖBRA ® offers reliable bark stripping protection for 10 – 15 years. If the product is applied to trees that are planted close to water, the protection time may be slightly less due to fluctuating water levels.
Forest   : Bark stripping by red deer, gnawing damage by beavers.
Fruit trees   : Bark stripping by red deer, fallow deer and Sika deer.
Gnawing damage caused by hares and rabbits.
Gnawing damage caused by beavers.
Ornamental plants : Gnawing damage to ornamental plants caused by beavers.
Application, application quantities: WÖBRA® should be used undiluted and can be spread on easily after the paste has been stirred thoroughly. WÖBRA® is applied with a special brush (item no. 10.202, 10.198) around the entire tree trunk and in other areas at risk of damage. Visible roots must also be treated.  WÖBRA® can be painted on areas of the trunk which have already been stripped or gnawed. WÖBRA® encourages healing at the edges of the damaged areas. It can be applied all year round, but only at temperatures above +8°Celsius. Dry weather and a mild breeze are the best conditions for optimum durability. WÖBRA® can be applied to moist tree trunks, but should not be processed during frost or rain, or if rain is imminent. The drying time is 1-3 hours, depending on humidity. Algae, moss and lichen as well as loose bark should be brushed off before the tree is treated. In the case of conifers, it is beneficial if branches are lopped before treatment.
Quantities to be used in the forest:
The following consumption is based on a protected trunk height of 1.6m – 2.0m and a diameter at breast height (BHD) of:
Deciduous trees:
BHD Yield/10kg Consumption
ø   8 – 10 cm 50 – 55 trees 180 – 210 g / tree
ø 10 – 15 cm 38 – 48 trees 210 – 260 g / tree
ø 15 – 18 cm 28 – 38 trees 260 – 360 g / tree
BHD Yield/10kg Consumption
ø   8 – 10 cm 32 – 36 trees 280 – 310 g / tree
ø 10 – 15 cm 27 – 32 trees 310 – 370 g / tree
ø 15 – 18 cm 20 – 27 trees 370 – 500 g / tree

The approved application quantity in forests is 400g/trunk

Quantities for fruit trees:
The following application quantities are based on a protected trunk height of 1.0m:
Trunk Ø Yield/10kg Consumption
ø   2 -..3 cm 500 – 555 trees 18 – 20 g / tree
ø   4 –  6 cm 250 – 275 trees 35 – 40 g / tree
ø   7 –  9 cm 165 – 185 trees 55 – 60 g / tree
ø 10 – 12 cm 125 – 135 trees 72 – 80 g / tree
ø 15 – 20 cm 75 – 80 trees 120 – 135 g / tree
In older trees the consumption can be much higher because the bark is rough. You may also need more material if there is a lot of graftage or if there are a large number of side shoots above and below the body stock.
The approved application quantity for fruit trees is 250g/trunk
Quantity for ornamental plants:
Because of the very different heights of ornamentals, we can only suggest a consumption of around 1.2g/cm².
The approved application quantity for ornamental trees is 250g/plant
Application period: All year round, but only at temperatures above +8°C.
Cleaning: Dirty clothing or other contamination resulting from the use of WÖBRA® can be washed off or dissolved with water when the product is still liquid or slightly dry. When it is completely dry WÖBRA cannot be dissolved.
Plant compatibility: WÖBRA®  is compatible with all types of trees, such as:
Forest: Douglas pine (Pseudotsuga), yew (Taxus), spruce (Picea), pine (Pinus), larch (Larix), fir (Abies), maple (Acer), beech (Fagus), oak (Quercus), ash (Fraxinus), horse-chestnut (Aesculus), lime (Tilia), elm (Ulmus)
Fruit trees: Apple (Malus domestica), pear (Pyrus sp.), plum (Prunus domestica), cherry
(Prunus avium, Prunus cerasus).
Waiting times:
(N) Open land : Deciduous trees, conifers, ornamentals.
No waiting time has to be defined.
(F) Open land : Fruit trees
The waiting time is covered by the application conditions and/or the
vegetation time between the application and use
(e.g. harvest), it is not necessary to define a specific number of waiting days
Cleaning: Dirty clothing or other contamination resulting from the use of WÖBRA® can be washed off or dissolved with water when the product is still liquid or slightly dry. When it is completely dry, WÖBRA® cannot be dissolved again.
Disposal of the product and packaging:
Dispose of unusable products and packaging with product residue in suitable landfill sites. It may be incinerated if local authority regulations are adhered to.
Waste key. 07 06 99, waste name: waste a. n. g.
Clean or cleaned PP packaging may be disposed of via a suitable collection system (German Dual System).
General user information/warranty:
Use the product only in the areas of application defined in the instructions for use. As we have no control over how the product is stored or applied, we accept liability only for the consistent quality of the product. We accept no responsibility for storage or application risks.
General information and conditions of use:
Do not allow the product, residues thereof, empty containers or packaging to enter, drains, waterways or sewers.
Avoid all unnecessary contact with the material; misuse is harmful to your health.

Keep away from children.
Because of the applications defined in the approval, bees are not endangered.

To avoid risks for humans and the environment, please adhere to the instructions for use.

Packaging: 10 kg

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