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MAGNUM GEL ANT BAIT is bait in gel from specific to all species of ant considered pests such as the Argentine  ant (Lineplthema humlle), etc. The efficacy of an ant poison depends on its capacity to spread throughout the colony before it begins to act on the carriers. Therefore optimising its power of attraction, maximising consumption and extending the effects of trophallaxis (food sharing) are essential. The formula of MAGNUM GEL ANT BAIT and the optimum dose of the active ingredient are specially formulated to delay the death of the carrier for several hours, thus, the workers have time to carry the poison to the nest, distribute it to other workers and feed the queen and larvae, infecting the entire colony. If the queen dies the colony is no longer viable and is extinguished.

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Active ingredient: Imidacloprid 0,1 g/kg (0,01 masas %)


Apply as droplets or thin lines, about 1 – 3 droplets in one place

Directions for use:

In interiors, place the gel in the form of droplets or thin lines near ant pathways, points of entry and exit to the premises and around the nests. In the exterior, place the gel in droplets or thin lines around the nest or along ant tracks. In places where their presence is suspected and to protect the bait from the rain. Apply wherever presence of ants is detected. Whenever possible, eliminate other food sources to avoid interference with consumption of the bait.

Packing unit: 40 g

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