Brody Rat and Mouse Fresh Bait


Brody Fresh Bait is ready to use bait, anticoagulant rodenticide based on active substance brodifacoum. Effective against mice and rats after a single ingestion. Fresh bait is particularly attractive and tasty to all rodent species.

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Brodifacoum: 0.0025 g (0.025 g / kg)

Denatonium benzoate: 0,001 g

The product contains bitter and colorant.


Bait must be placed in appropriate bait boxes, which are protected from enviroment and prohibit exposure to non-target species. Recommended doses: house mice: 40 g per 10 m2, brown rats: 60 g per 10 m2; in case of high infestation increase the dose to 100 g to 10 m2.

Packing unit: 5 kg