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Septic Gobler dissovable bacteria for septic tanks

Dissolvable bacteria in water-soluble packets.

It is safe to handle, and safe for plumbing.  It non-chemically eliminates the build-up of organic waste found in septic tanks (FOG – Fats, Oils & Grease, Tissue, Protein, Hair, Starch, Urine, Sugar, Fruit & Vegetable Wastes, and Human Wastes).

Septic-Gobbler does not contain harsh chemicals, solvents, caustics or acids. 

Dosing Septic-Gobbler: Flush 1 water-soluble packet down any toilet (per 1000 gallons of septic tank capacity). For follow-up, flush 1 packet per month, or as needed to control odors and prevent septic system back-up.

Packing unit: 28,5 g

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