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PIC flying insect trap

Traps Flying insects. No poison. No vapors. Hang in Barn,Garage,Porch or Food Areas. Attracts and Holds Flying Insects.

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Active ingredients: Rosin-Rubber Mineral Oil

Pull out cord slowly with twirling motion until the thumbtack is exposed.

Remove and place the thumbtack to a secured position for later use.

Warm tube if it is very cold, Hang the ribbon using the thumbtack away from sunshine. Flies are sensitive to light, temperature and humidity.

If no insects are cought within 2 or 3 days, switch ribbon to another location (further from or closer to the window,etc).

To discard wrap used ribbon securely in newspaper, paper or plastic bag and dispose of in trash receptacle.

To remove adhesive from hands, use paint thinner or clear spirits.

Pacing unit: 4 pc

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