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Dressband pheromone trap for clothes moth

Pheromone trap for clothes moth monitoring and extermination.
Clothes moth monitoring trap. The clothes moth trap combines the adhesive surface and pheromone that effectively attracts male clothes moths. They stick to the adhesive surface. Male moth catching prevents reproduction and thus prevents larvae that causes clothes and fabric damage. 

The trap works from 8 weeks up to 3 months from the moment when protective foil is removed. The trap does not contain insecticides, starts attracting moths immediately from a great distance and has no unpleasant odour.

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Active ingredient: female clothes moth pheromone


Instructions for use:

1. Separate protective paper from the adhesive strips. Lure (pheromone) is already in the adhesive strip. 

2. fold the trap into a triangular form. 

3. place or hang the trap in a place where moths were last seen or are likely to lives. 

4. Where the sticky surface is covered fully with moths trap or 3 months after opening, discard the trap and put up a new one. Traps can be disposed with the household waste. In case of a very large moth infestation, it is recommended to use a suitable insecticide.

Consumption: 1 trap for medium-sized closet

Packing unit: 1 pc

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