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BioFix tape for snail containment

Self-adhesive copper foil tape for controlling the spread of snails and slugs. Copper tape acts as an electrode, snail slime as an electrolyte. When the slug touches the tape, an imperceptible electrical charge is generated that causes the slug to bounce away from the tape. In this way, the tape becomes an impenetrable barrier for snails. It is suitable for protecting potted plants, as well as creating an impenetrable barrier around areas that need to be protected from snails. Safe for humans, animals and plants.

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Copper tape tends to turn green over time, but this does not reduce efficiency.

Clean the area where the tape is pasted.
Separate the copper tape from the white protective layer.
For area protection: tape around the area to be protected.
For plants in pots: stick tape all around the outer, vertical surface of the pot at least half the height of the pot from the top edge of the pot.
To maintain its effectiveness, keep the copper tape clean.
For maximum effect, it is recommended to place the tape before sowing/planting the plants.

Safety measures:
Protect from children. Avoid prolonged and/or repeated skin contact with the tape.
Wash your hands after handling the tape.

Storage and expiration date:
Store in tightly closed original packaging, indoors at +23 ± 2 °C and 65 ± 5 % relative air humidity. The storage time in unopened original packaging, as well as after opening, is not limited.

Production date and series designation: see on the package.

Content: ??? Tape length: 4 m, width: 25 mm

Manufacturer: ALCHEMA Sp. z o.o., Poland
Distributor: SIA “American Equipment & Supply”, Riga, Aiviekstes iela 18, LV-1019, tel. 67100542; 29458961, www.aes.lv

Tape length: 4 m, width: 25 mm

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