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BioFix natural pellets for repelling dogs and cats

Ready-to-use pellets containing selected natural scent essences for repelling dogs and cats. Suitable for use on all outdoor surfaces. Recommended for the treatment of all places where the presence of dogs and cats is not desired, such as gardens, terraces, courtyards, lawns and other green areas.

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Before use, clean the area where the product will be spread of any animal droppings.
Spread small portions of granules (about 50 ml – 2 scoops) on every 4 – 5 m2.
A 1000 ml package is enough to treat about 80 m2.
Use the product regularly (1-2 times a week) depending on the decrease in the presence of dogs and cats in the area.
Rainfall and/or site irrigation may reduce product effectiveness.
If necessary, repeat the treatment of the area.

Safety measures:
Protect from children. Read all instructions carefully and follow them.
Do not use for purposes other than those indicated on the label.
Do not allow the product to get into the eyes. Do not inhale dust. Do not swallow.
Avoid contact of the product with the skin, especially if it is wet. After contact, rinse skin immediately with water.
Do not spray directly on plants or flowers.
Do not abuse the product.
Do not store with food or animal feed.
Do not throw the used packaging into the environment, but dispose of it in accordance with local regulations.

Storage and expiration date:
Store in tightly closed original packaging, in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place, protected from sunlight and heat sources.
In unopened original packaging, the shelf life is not limited.
After opening the package, use the product within 12 months.
Production date and series designation: see on the package.

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Manufacturer: ALCHEMA Sp. z o.o., Poland
Distributor: SIA “American Equipment & Supply”, Riga, Aiviekstes iela 18, LV-1019, tel. 67100542; 29458961, www.aes.lv

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